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Finn Jebsen recommended as the new Chair of the Board

Kongsberg Gruppen's Nominating Committee recommends that the general meeting elects three new members of the Board to serve from 2005 to 2007. In addition to Finn Jebsen, as the Chair of the Board of Directors, Erik Must and John Giverholt are recommended. Siri Hatlen and Benedicte Berg Schilbred are suggested to be re-elected. Chair of the Board Christian Brinch, has informed the Nominating Committee that he will not be running in this year's election of directors. Torolf Rein and Niels Petter Wright are leaving the Board too.

The Nominating Committee points out that the Board of Directors to be elected in 2005 will be required to shoulder demanding responsibilities with regard to assessing the Group's commercial and international situation and implementing initiatives to enhance profitability.

In Finn Jebsen, former president and CEO of Orkla ASA, the Board will have an experienced industrial leader as a new member. Jebsen comes from an industrial and financial corporation that has emphasised long-term, strategic industrial development. Erik Must, Chair of the Board, Arendals Fossekompani, will bring to the Board considerable expertise on stock exchange issues and financial markets, as well as on strategic thinking. John Giverholt, CFO of Ferd, will replace Niels Petter Wright's strong expertise in economics and financial management, and he has broader experience from business and industry.

The Nominating Committee has consisted of Anne Grethe Dalane, Sverre Valvik and Morten M. Kallevig (Chair).

Employee representatives The results from the election of employee representatives to the Board of Directors are ready. From Fellesforbundets members, and members related to the Fellesforbund, Jan Erik Hagen, Kongsberg Protech is re-elected. Hagen's vice representatives are Knut Ivar Knutsen, Reidar Ørmen and Tom Petersen. From Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and its daughter companies, and other companies in the Group, Audun Solås, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is elected. Vice representatives are Helge Lintvedt, John Rørnes and Eivind Lyngar. In Kongsberg Maritime Roar Marthiniussen is re-elected. Roar Rein Lyslo, Bente Lise Melås and Stig Erik Christiansen are his vice representatives.