'Bigview' engine room simulator for Norwegian college

Kongsberg Maritime has been contracted to supply an advanced full mission diesel electric engine room simulator to the Haugesund Maritime College, Norway. Representing one of the most powerful engine room training facilities in the world, the installation will feature a unique blend of desktop and high-end operational simulation, with BigView display technology.

The realism depicted by Kongsberg Maritime's sophisticated engine room simulator architecture is enhanced greatly with BigView, the new large-screen software based interactive mimic display. This high-definition screen displays actual engine room configuration but benefits from being completely flexible. With many various propulsion systems onboard ships and in development, BigView enables complete familiarisation with specific manufacturers systems from Kongsberg Maritime's propulsion systems database.

"The advantage with such a solution is that the customer can load various types of simulation software, enabling a broader range of simulations to be used on the same hardware," comments Harald Kluken, Product Manager Engine and Cargo simulators, at Kongsberg Maritime. "The instructor can give classes in diesel electric propulsion in the morning and by loading new application software can give classes in diesel engine propulsion in the afternoon. The BigView solution has already been ordered by a number of training institutes."

The Haugesund Maritime College engine room simulator installation is due for completion in April 2005. The simulator will be covered by an extensive five-year system support program, which will provide regular updates, on-site maintenance and repair, helpdesk services and remote diagnostics.

Kongsberg Maritime's high fidelity simulation models have been developed in close co-operation with maritime research institutes around the world and are continuously being refined. The model library covers vessels from fast catamarans to VLCC's, with different engine room and propulsion plant configurations. Based on real time process models with a dynamic response, the simulations have a constant natural unbalance in the process that will occur until all parameters are tuned, as in a real process plant onboard. This ensures added realism that in conjunction with BigView, provides superlative engine room training across a huge range of propulsion systems.