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B&G custom projects: The pinnacle of performance yachting technology

Simrad is pleased to announce a new initiative based on a sophisticated hybrid of B&G technology expertise and the recently acquired Wave Technology Processor (WTP) and the Deckman for Windows software. Devised at B&G headquarters in Romsey and named Custom Projects, this combination of high technology, racing expertise and support promises to provide new levels of instrument performance combined with a highly personalised service.

Tailoring solutions makes sense
"B&G h2000 instruments are widely regarded as providing the most accurate data for skippers, navigators and tacticians who demand the highest level of performance," says Richard Acland, Managing Director, B&G. "Custom Projects will develop tailored solutions, using the super-fast WTP integrated with h2000 and Deckman software to offer demanding campaigns the exact system and support they are looking for."

Custom Projects will provide solutions on a bespoke basis. "We have to acknowledge that at this level many projects are unique in terms of what they are trying to do with the instrument system to find an edge over the competition, so tailoring solutions to their individual needs makes sense," explains Nat Ives, B&G Race Specialist and Custom Projects Team Leader. "In order to address each requirement, we have decided to create a team of technical experts capable of providing the required level of consultancy, technical support and development resources."

Increasing accuracy
The WTP offers data rates up to 10 times faster than other instrument processors and in combination with h2000 systems is capable of increasing accuracy of information in even the most sophisticated systems. The power of the WTP enables accurate corrections of instrument readings in real time, enabling crew to make decisions based on wind data with confidence. As such, WTP can already be found integrated with B&G systems on the majority of Americas Cup yachts, Volvo Round The World boats and winning Grand Prix race boats. Custom Projects will build on this to provide the teams with complete performance enhancing technical solutions.

A core component of the Custom Projects approach is the Deckman software, which is already used by many of the world's top teams and their navigators. Deckman can be linked to all current B&G instrument systems and provides navigators with precise tactical and weather based information, enabling greatly improved tactical decision-making.

Custom Projects for demanding projects Custom Projects will specifically work with special and demanding projects with a highly technical specification. At this level of yacht racing, it's not just the hi-tech systems that will provide the best solution. True racing pedigree and experience are just as important and with B&G's track record and Simrad's dedication to providing the best technology to the performance yachting market, Custom Projects is well positioned to enhance the B&G offering, and make a real difference to customers at this level.