US NAVY selects Kongsberg Maritime

The United States Navy has selected us to supply simulation training tools for its Navigation, Seamanship, and Shiphandling Training (NSST) programs. The contract is to supply and install 'demonstration simulator systems' to be tested and evaluated toward determining the feasibility of new simulator configurations and their integration with the NSST programs.

This is what we supply
We will supply a cross section of our simulation systems including a Version 1 Desktop Polaris Simulator, 25-station Polaris E-learning navigation lab and a Version 2 Part-Task Trainer to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Two more Version 2 Polaris Bridge simulators have been selected for installation at US Naval bases in Japan.

Leading supplier of marine simulation systems "Kongsberg Maritime is the world's leading supplier of marine simulation systems," says Herbert Taylor, President of Kongsberg Maritime Simulation Inc. "In addition to installations in the majority of the world's leading maritime colleges, we have also supplied many systems to Navies around the world. We are particularly proud to have been selected to supply our systems to the US Navy as it is recognised as the world's most technically advanced."

Fully scaleable simulation package The Polaris system forms the basis of our bridge simulation products. It replicates the operation of real ships in a high fidelity simulation package that is fully scaleable. Polaris systems can range from one PC workstation with all panels and instruments emulated on screen up to full mission simulators with complete IBS (Integrated Bridge System) controls and stations, interfaced to full 360° visual systems.