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Two new motion reference units

We have bolstered our proven range of Motion Sensors with the introduction of two new cost-effective Motion Reference Units (MRU). The MRU D and MRU Z are 7cm shorter than existing Kongsberg MRUs, but incorporate common features such as no moving parts, low maintenance, software compatibility, Windows based configuration and data presentation software.

The MRU D is a roll and pitch sensor specially designed for motion measurement in dynamic marine applications. The unit incorporates 2-axis MEMS sensors for both linear acceleration and angular rate. With 0.5° accuracy the MRU D is ideal for dynamic positioning, ADCP and other vessel applications requiring roll and pitch measurements.

With heave measurements that meet IHO standards, the MRU Z heave compensator with roll, pitch and heave output is a cost effective product for survey applications requiring accurate measurements in environments with extreme horizontal acceleration. The unit incorporates 3-axis MEMS sensors for both linear acceleration and angular rate. Roll and pitch accuracy is 0.15° and with 5cm or 5% heave accuracy the MRU Z is ideally suited for single beam echosounders and offshore crane applications.

All our MRUs are tested and calibrated through an automatic process using a two-axis calibration machine, in order to guarantee accuracy. This system provides a reference for angular rate and acceleration to better than 0.0003°. A calibration certificate is delivered with each MRU to confirm its accuracy within the specified limits. In addition to this certificate, all MRUs are delivered with two year warranties.

Alongside the MRU D and MRU Z, we have also released a new version of our Windows based MRU configuration software, "MRC". This release features the option for installation in hydrographic mode, which enables users to select between predefined configurations for the most common echosounders on the market. This makes the interfacing of MRU signals a much easier task than before.

For further information, please contact: Finn Otto Sanne, Product Manager ADS Kongsberg Seatex AS Phone: 47 73 54 55 00 Email:  or Vidar Bjørkedal, VP Sales and Customer dept. Kongsberg Seatex AS Phone: 47 73 54 55 00 Email: