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Pemex signs maintenance contract with Norcontrol IT

Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) and Norcontrol IT have entered into a maintenance contract with a duration of three years that covers the offshore VTMIS system at the Bay of Campeche oilfield located in the Gulf of Mexico off the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Bay of Campeche is the largest oilfield in Mexico and the world's largest offshore oil development project. The VTMIS system installed by Norcontrol IT consists of 2 control centres and seven radar sites, all of which are covered by the maintenance contract.

"Norcontrol IT has been working with PEMEX since the first CTS installation at the Bay of Campeche in the early eighties and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to building on this relationship in the years to come," comments Jan Anders Horntvedt, Managing Director, Norcontrol IT. "Despite stiff competition, PEMEX has continued to chose Norcontrol IT as they are confident we can provide the technological solutions needed for such a large-scale project."

A large capacity, flexible and reliable VTMIS system is required at the Bay of Campeche for several reasons. The coverage area contains between 200-300 vessels per day, all of which have to be monitored to protect the pipelines: Especially important as the bay is only 40-50m deep in most areas. PEMEX also needs the ability to track supply and personnel vessels in the field, which are generally fast moving targets. The VTMIS also assists in co-ordinating charter vessels enabling PEMEX to ensure billing accuracy.

Norcontrol IT was chosen as the technology solutions provider by PEMEX as it was the only supplier able to provide a VTMIS system capable of reliably covering such a large area. Since the initial installation the companies have enjoyed a fruitful partnership lasting over twenty years to date, which has been strengthened by the signing of this multi-million maintenance contract.

The first system Norcontrol installed for PEMEX was a VOC80 in 1981, one of the first VTS systems ever developed. PEMEX upgraded this system in 1996, and today the Bay of Campeche is monitored by a Norcontrol IT VTMIS5060, upgraded again in 2002 with an AIS Network, also installed by NCIT. The software for the transponders has been upgraded twice to comply with IMO rules and regulations.

Reflecting Norcontrol IT's flexibility as a provider of VTS and AIS solutions the company has also developed a solution for fitting transponders on PEMEX helicopters. This enables the helicopter movements and information to be tracked on the VTS screen in order to increase overall efficiency and security.

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