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Orders for 29 ships from one shipyard

New Century Shipbuilding Co. in China has ordered engine room automation and propulsion control systems for a total of 29 ships.

All are repeat orders for four series of standard ships as follows:

  • 6 x Bulk carrier
  • 2 x Product carrier
  • 2 x Product carrier
  • 19 x Product carrier

The order includes both AutoChief© 4 propulsion control system and DataChief© C20 alarm monitoring and control for each ship. Delivery will take place between 2005 and 2007 to customer's world wide. The shipyard is located in Jingjiang, about 3 hours up the Yangtze river from Shanghai and currently builds about 10 ships a year.

Last year we opened our office and assembly facility in Shanghai to better serve the Chinese market. The contract was awarded based on the quality of our products and the good cooperation that exists between our two companies. We are humble that the shipyards has selected us for such a large order, and are determined to make every effort to qualify us for new contracts in the future.