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Norwegian Navy buys advanced automation system

Kongsberg Maritime and Data Process Automasjon have secured an important contract for delivery of advanced automation systems to the Norwegian Navy. The delivery consists of upgrading the advanced Oksøy class mine hunters and Alta class mine sweepers.

Delivery Included in the delivery is a new computer system for monitoring and control of all ship related installations onboard, and will among others control propulsion, water jets, and power generation. The delivery is based on our standard automation system the DataChief® C20 sold to customers world wide. The contract includes a computer network with specially adapted computers and software. This network will gather data from all ship related systems onboard, integrating all existing systems into the new control system. In this way all important information is presented to operators in the control room and on the bridge, making them able to make the best operational choices for the vessel at any time.

Joint venture The contract has a value of approximately US $ 3.4 million and includes eight vessels. The job will stretch over about four years. Vessel design and operational profile demands much of the equipment and their suppliers. We are proud to have been selected for this project. The contract is a joint venture between Kongsberg Maritime and Data Process Automasjon. The two companies have already cooperated for a number of years on refit projects for the Norwegian Navy.

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