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New software for seabed classification

SeaBec is a new software product for use on existing EA 400 and EA 600 single beam echo sounders for seabed classification. The software processes data on the fly and presents sediment maps in a geographical view optionally superimposed on C-map electronic charts. The software transforms acoustic raw data into features and calculates an empirical, statistical model for the current hardware installation, enabling flexibility with regard to transducer selection.

The nature of the returning echo in a sounder system is coloured by several factors; the frequency, duration and power of the transmitting signal, transducer physics including side lobes and material, water state including temperature, salinity, conductivity and weather, range (sea depth) and seabed sediment type to name a few. Transforming this kind of noisy signal into useful information about sediment is a challenging task, but with SeaBec, we are now presenting a new tool for this type of information extraction. For more information contact:

E-mail:  Phone: 47 33 02 38 78