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Development of a nation-wide AIS network in Norway

Kongsberg Maritime has landed a contract with the Norwegian National Coastal Administration to deliver a nation-wide Automatic Identification System (AIS) network for Norway. The contract was won against sharp competition from six other contractors in an open competitive tendering. The total value of the contract (and options) is MNOK 17.6.

Anti-collision system AIS mobile units exchange messages between sea-going vessels, and between vessels and land units. AIS is primarily an anti-collision system that allows vessels to 'see' each other better and to predict other vessels' movements. In this context, the AIS will serve as an adjunct to marine radar systems.

Safety and surveillance Growing attention is being devoted to safety and surveillance at the international level, contributing to the rapid expansion of the AIS infrastructure market. In the years ahead, roughly 150 nations the world over will initiate AIS infrastructure development projects to comply with international standards. In Norway, the Norwegian National Coastal Administration will be distributing AIS data to typical users such as the Armed Forces, rescue co-ordination centres, police, customs authorities, oil companies, harbours and agents.

Hazmat tracking A nation-wide AIS network will open up many new opportunities. In the field of traffic control, it will make it possible to track vessels outside the areas currently covered by the traffic centres. This is especially interesting with a view to monitoring oil carriers and vessels carrying other hazardous materials along the Norwegian coast. AIS will also be a useful tool for compiling statistics on the traffic in the fairways along the coast. Such statistics could, for example, be used to rank priorities in connection with the development/upgrading of navigation infrastructure.

The contract will be handled by Kongsberg Maritime's subsidiary Kongsberg Seatex.

Breakthrough This contract marks an important breakthrough for Kongsberg Seatex's maritime surveillance technology. Kongsberg Seatex expects the market for this type of product to expand rapidly as the various countries introduce systems to comply with the new international regulations. Kongsberg Seatex is currently exploring a number of prospects in the international arena that are expected to result in contracts in 2004 and 2005. The contract with the Norwegian National Coastal Administration consolidates Kongsberg Seatex's position as a leading international AIS infrastructure supplier.

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