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ASSETT-based process simulation services for the Ormen Lange project

We have been awarded an order by Norsk Hydro Production for services related to dynamic process simulation for the Ormen Lange project. The overall order is valued at approximately MNOK 20 (about 2.8 million US dollars). In forth quarter 2006, we will supply a training simulator for operators in addition to an engineering simulator.

In first quarter 2004, our project task force will be integrated into the Ormen Lange project organisation at Aker Kværner Engineering. Close co-operation will facilitate the optimal integration and exploitation of the process simulation model throughout the entire Ormen Lange project period. In the initial phase, the process model will be used for dynamic simulation studies to detect any limitations in the process design. The process model will also be used to test and verify the control system application prior to the application launch.

Our dynamic simulation tool, ASSETT, will be used to configure the process model for Ormen Lange. Scandpower Petroleum Technology's OLGA system will be linked with ASSETT to perform multiphase pipeline simulations.

"We are proud to see engineering and operator companies using dynamic process simulation based on ASSETT as a legitimate method for achieving optimal process design. We are also participating in several other projects where process simulation is being used in the engineering phase to test and verify control system applications", comments Marketing Director Tor Erik Sørensen of Kongsberg Maritime.