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Offshore Europe 2003, Aberdeen, September 2003: BSH Certification and over 1000 deliveries for Seatex AIS 100

Kongsberg Seatex has received type approval from BSH for its Seatex AIS 100 Class A Mobile Station and is now fully certified to IMO regulations. The Seatex AIS 100 Automatic Identification System is also approved to the Wheelmark standard, conforming to the navigation requirement of the EU Marine Equipment Directive.

Kongsberg Seatex has also announced that it has delivered over 1000 Seatex AIS 100 units to major customers worldwide including IUM, V.Ships Ltd and Wallem Ship Management Ltd.

Kongsberg Seatex is a world leader in AIS technology with a commitment to providing quality products and solutions for safe navigation and operations at sea in the maritime industries.

The Seatex AIS 100 is compact and easy to operate for navigators. The unit broadcasts a vessel's position, speed and course over ground as well as static and voyage related information. Short safety related text messages can be sent between vessels or broadcast from shore based AIS stations and in a coastal environment, land-based control stations supplied with AIS communication equipment such as the Kongsberg Seatex AIS Base Station, can also receive AIS data for vessel monitoring or VTS purposes.

In addition to reliable, efficient and user-friendly technology, Kongsberg Seatex believes that a critical element in customer satisfaction is the availability of a convenient customer support and service facility. As part of the Kongsberg Maritime Group, Kongsberg Seatex has at its disposal a worldwide network of sister companies, agents and distributors that are used to provide AIS 100 users with operational back-up and service support. Also, Kongsberg Seatex offers a 24-Hour Helpline manned by engineers able to provide technical advice.

For further information, please contact: Marketing Manager, Rita Krathe, Kongsberg Maritime Tel: ( 47) 33032329 Email:  Saul Trewern, Saltwater Communications Tel: 44 (0)1202 669244 Email: