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New generator protection system

Kongsberg Maritime have further developed its well known DataChief® C20 Integrated Automation System (IAS) to include generator protection. This is an extension to the C20 power management system, and enables a seamless integration of the automation & control system, power management system (PMS) and generator protection system.

Successfull integration The first C20 PMS and C20 generator protection system was successfully commissioned at Shanghai Edwards Ship Yard, China. The systems were supplied integrated into the MSB from HDW Hagenuk.

Based on existing technology The C20 generator protection system is based on the well proven DataChief® C20 technology. "The fact that the PMS is based on existing, tried and tested technology made the commissioning of the first system a straightforward procedure that required a minimum of effort," says Bjoernar Wiulsroed, responsible for the development project.

Positive feedback The C20 PMS and hence the generator protection system was fully integrated to the DataChief® C20 IAS. The integration offers the ship operators a number of advantages in terms of efficient and safe operation, which was fully recognised by the ships crew, whom offered extremely positive feedback on the system.

By utilising the same technology and interchangeable modules in the DataChief® C20 integration strategy, a true plug and play maintenance strategy is achieved, thus offering customers considerable savings in their overall maintenance costs.