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Buskerud bench visits Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

On Tuesday 7 January, four Buskerud County parliamentarians visited Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA) to learn more about the Group's general situation and market conditions.

KDA's trade unions had invited the Buskerud MPs to visit. Thorbjørn Jagland (Labour), Beate Heieren Hundhammer (Conservatives), Finn Kristian Martinsen (Christian Democrats) and Ulf Erik Knudsen (Progress Party) were given a comprehensive presentation of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, which focused on network-based defence and the new NSM anti-ship missile. Time was also devoted to a guided tour of the demonstration room.

The politicians stated clearly that their visit to Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace had been instructive and given them useful ideas. Thorbjørn Jagland pointed out that Kongsberg is essential for technological development throughout Norway, adding that he had noted the suggestions regarding fighter craft and repurchasing.