Market and technology cooperation between Kongsberg Simrad and ABB

Kongsberg Simrad AS and ABB AS have entered a worldwide cooperation agreement on joint marketing, sales and technology development to marine and offshore vessels. As part of this agreement there will be a transfer of ABB's business related to dynamic positioning to Kongsberg Simrad.

The two companies have established themselves as leading international suppliers, predominantly with complementary products and systems. By the cooperation, the two companies aim to take one step ahead, to become the leading vendor of packages of vessel automation, dynamic positioning, electric power, propulsion, and thruster systems to marine and offshore vessels. These integrated systems will take advantage of the best of technology and marine knowledge from both companies.

By this agreement both companies will capitalize on ABB's new industrial IT technology by a joint development program on integration of total solutions, enhancing the vessel's performance, reliability, safety, fuel consumption and emission. Technology leadership will be secured by focusing the development resources on core competencies, technologies, and products.

The marine industry is presently in a phase of consolidation with mergers and alliances, where ship owners and shipyards become fewer and larger. While focusing on own core technologies, buying pattern rapidly changes into contracting larger scope of supply and services with an increased responsibility for the vendors.

Kongsberg Simrad, a business unit within Kongsberg's Maritime division, is a leading supplier of dynamic positioning systems, position reference systems, and integrated automation systems to marine and offshore vessels. Kongsberg Simrad AS has close to 1000 employees.

ABB is a leading supplier of electric power generation and distribution systems, and electric propulsion systems to the marine market. ABB's marine business have close to 1000 employees. When ABB Azipod® propulsion and thruster system was introduced in the early 90's it changed the concept of propulsion.

For further information, please contact: Kongsberg Simrad AS: Executive VP Tor Erik Sørensen Phone: 47 9588 5447 ABB AS: Senior VP Rune Finne Phone: 47 9010 5008