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Air defence contracts worth MNOK 250

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS has signed two contracts with the Royal Norwegian Air Force to upgrade the NASAMS air defence system. The contracts, valued at about MNOK 250 for Kongsberg, will be carried out in co-operation with Raytheon of the US, which has signed a separate contract for upgrading the radar.

"This upgrading will make the NASAMS system the leading air defence system in NATO, and it is well suited for possible participation in future international operations," comments Vice President Odd Kyllingmark.

The contracts include the updating of the system's command and control functions to comply with international standards, meaning the Norwegian system can be deployed in connection with international operations. The modifications will allow full integration with other NATO systems, enhancing defence capabilities.

For Kongsberg, the contracts will translate into some interesting assignments related to development and system integration. Also important in terms of the company's focus on air defence systems in the international market, the contract will secure 40 jobs at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace for three years. In addition, the project will call for a significant number of subcontractors.

For further information, please contact: Vice President Odd Kyllingmark Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS Telephone: ( 47) 32 28 81 10 or ( 47) 920 60 030