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Signing a contract worth MNOK

Kongsberg Spacetec and Tromsø Satellittstasjon are signing a contract worth millions of MNOK for the delivery of ground stations to Svalbard.

Valued at more than MNOK 17, the contract is the largest either party has ever concluded, according to the newspaper Tromsø. "Naturally, we are very pleased that Tromsø Satellittstasjon (TSS) has chosen us as their supplier", comments Jan Børre Rydningen, head of marketing at Kongsberg Spacetec. The contract is part of a total package worth about MNOK 40 which TSS has ordered. "Altogether, 10 companies from around the world were in the running for this contract. Kongsberg Spacetec won because it was the best company and submitted the best bid", states Jan-Petter Pedersen, managing director of TSS.

The new station on Svalbard was initially intended to service Envisat, a European environmental satellite scheduled for launch in late summer. "The antenna is being made in the USA. It will be delivered to Svalbard on 1 August and there are plans to complete installation in September", explains Jan-Petter Pedersen. "We aspire to be the best in the world in this particular niche. This contract is evidence that we can win contracts against competition from companies in other parts of the world", adds Jan Børre Rydningen. He believes they would never have had a chance of winning such contract two years ago. Today, however, the company has developed excellent software for receiving signals from orbiting satellites. "This contract will provide a forum for closer co-operation, where we supply the equipment and TSS provides the services. That`s a major advantage since we work under the same roof", concludes Jan Børre Rydningen.

A new building is scheduled for completion in July, adding 30 new offices and meeting rooms for use as Kongsberg Spacetec expands.