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Now in modern new premises

From left Vice President Erik Ovenstad, Kongsberg Næringseiendom, President Steinar Aabelvik, Kongsberg Simrad, Project Manager Kai Gundersen and Chief Executive Officer Jan Erik Korssjøen, Kongsberg Gruppen.

On 17 September, Kongsberg Simrad was proud to welcome all its 440 employees to the company's wonderful new location at Kongsberg Næringspark. Carrying a price tag of roughly MNOK 200, the building has four floors and covers an area of 17 000 square metres.

Groupleader Computer Centre, Stein Suserud welcomes
President Steinar Aabelvik of Kongsberg Simrad.

"Kongsberg Simrad was previously spread out in four different places, so our goal was to gather everyone under one roof", remarked President Steinar Aabelvik during the opening festivities for the employees.

The employees appeared very happy with their new premises.
Here being served complimentary fruit by Jørn Roar Sørby.

"This has become an extraordinary building for extraordinay people. It would have been too boring raising an ordinary building for this crowd", said Chief Executive Officer Jan Erik Korssjøen in his opening speech.

Hyper modern industrial building. The employees have been favoured with a hyper modern industrial building, where thefirst things you see once inside the main entrance is slated floor, parquet floor, birch paneled wallsand large glass surfaces providing plenty of light and generous headroom.

Technically speaking, the new building is exceptionally sophisticated, and Kongsberg Simrad is the first and largest company in the Nordic countries to begin using Internet-based telephony.

The building is also environment-friendly, featuring a ventilation system with heat recovery, and the River Lågen is used for cooling to reduce the use of the cooling system.

Pleasant conversation groups have been strategically placed for use by employees.

The building has more than 850 rooms and 550 offices. All customer-related facilities are located on the ground floor. The building was designed by the architects Søndergaard Rickfelt AS, while Kongsberg Næringseiendom was the builder and Selmer Skanska AS has been the main contractor.

Planning of the new building began in December 1998, and actual construction started a little more than a year ago. The official opening ceremony for the building will be on 22 October.