Annual General Meeting

On the 10th of May, the Kongsberg Group held its annual ordinary General Meeting in Kongsberg. The Board`s annual report and annual accounts for year 2000 were unanimously approved. It was decided not to pay dividends for year 2000.

The new Board is: Christian Brinch (re-elected), Roar Flåthen (re-elected), Torolf Rein (re-elected), Jens Ulltveit-Moe (new), Benedicte Berg Schilbred (new). Employee-elected members of the board: Vidar Lande (re-elected), Berit Ågren Aas (re-elected) and Roar Marthiniussen (re-elected). The board will constitute itself, and elect a chairman at the next board meeting on May 29th 2001.

The Board was given authority to buy own shares with a top limit of 5% of the company`s share capital. The authorization is valid until the next ordinary Annual General Meeting.