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Celebrating Canada and Norway’s shared history of polar exploration

Many Canadians grew up learning about the famed polar explorer Roald Amundsen’s adventures, and how important his stay in Canada was for him to succeed. Now the Canadians in London, Ontario can learn more about this through a traveling exhibit.

KONGSBERG is a partner

Roald Amundsen was the first to navigate through the Northwest Passage and reach the South Pole. COLD RECALL  is a traveling exhibit that highlights Roald Amundsen’s expeditions through the Northwest Passage and to the South Pole. On Saturday September 29th the exhibit opens in London. KONGSBERG is one of the partners responsible for bringing it there.

Through Amundsen’s own 100 year old photos we get to see what he and his crew had to endure during the exhibition as well as the unique relationship he developed with local Inuit families during his extended stay in Nunavut. The knowledge and skills he learned from them became crucial to his success in winning the race for the South Pole a few years later.

Similar challenges

Canada and Norway have a shared history with Arctic exploration and face many of the same challenges in the High North with regards to climate change, natural resources, sovereignty etc

- KONGSBERG has both well established and new business here in Canada. The reason we choose to be a partner in this exhibit is that KONGSBERG’s values - determined, innovative, collaborative and reliable - and the fact that we deliver advanced and reliable solutions in complex operations during extreme conditions fits like hand in a glove with Amundsen’s preparations and implementation, explains Jørn Buø, president in Kongsberg Protech Systems in Canada.

Exhibit lectures

KONGSBERG supports the Roald Amundsen Cold Recall Exhibition together with  the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the London Economic Development Cooperation, the London Public Library and the Citi Plaza.

The exhibit opens on Saturday September 29th and will be running until November 9th. Special exhibit events will be lectures by the Norwegian Naval Academy graduate, sailor, navigator and explorer Thorleif Thorleifsson and Dr. Lisa Hodgett, Department of Anthropology, Western University. They will be given on October  18th and November 7th.

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