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Underwater Surveillance and Protection

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has signed a contract with the Norwegian Ministry of Defence for Underwater Surveillance and Protection. Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace will carry out the 3 year project in cooperation with Kongsberg Maritime and Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, and assisted by the Royal Norwegian Navy.

First version of the integrated surveillance and protection system has already been installed at Haakonsvern, the main base of the RNoN. Necessary adaptations, improvements and extensions will be implemented in the integrated system during the project period. The background for the project is the general need for protection of Norwegian installations in Norway, and protection of Norwegian forces in international operations.

The modular and flexible systems solutions being developed, are based on Norwegian technologies and can be used at fixed installations, like Haakonsvern, or as mobile systems used by forces in unknown waters. Core technology has been developed by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace through the work related to the underwater systems now in operation on board the new "Fridtjof Nansen" class frigates in Norway.

The contract with a total activity frame of 30 MNOK, will strengthen the position of Norwegian industry in a growing market within the harbour and coastal surveillance and protection segment, and for force protection internationally.