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Kongsberg Norcontrol IT signs 30-year contract in India

Aatash Norcontrol Ltd., an Indian joint venture between Kongsberg Norcontrol IT AS and Aatash Coputers Ltd., has signed a BOOT (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) contract with the Gujarat Maritime Board. The agreement, which is exclusive for 30 years, is for the provision of surveillance and information regarding all vessel traffic to and from existing and future ports in the Gulf of Khambat.

The Vessel Traffic and Port Management System constitutes a complete system for vessel traffic surveillance and control. Based on technology from Kongsberg Norcontrol IT, the system consists of a control centre connected to AIS base stations and radars. The total investment is expected to come to MUSD 25, and deliveries from Kongsberg Norcontrol IT will represent approximately 50 per cent of this amount. The province of Gujarat is actively investing in infrastructure and aspires to be the main node for vessel traffic from the West.

Kongsberg Norcontrol IT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. For Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace's Naval Systems and Surveillance Division and Kongsberg Norcontrol IT, this is a major step forward for our efforts in the field of naval surveillance. The introduction of such new concepts will open up new opportunities for future growth.

For further information, please contact:
President Inge Flaten, Kongsberg Norcontrol IT AS, mobile phone 47 930 57 269