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PLECDIS: Paper Less navigation with new ECDIS from Simrad

Simrad is launching a new Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), the CS68 ECDIS. Based on the highly stable, marine dedicated MC50 computer, the CS68 ECDIS will provide SOLAS vessels with fully approved (Wheelmark) ECDIS navigation with safety, stability and simplicity at the core.

For the launch of the CS68 ECDIS, Simrad is introducing a new phrase to the world of electronic navigation - PLECDIS - or Paper Less ECDIS. The fully approved and redundant nature of the CS68 ECDIS means that no paper charts are required on board. This provides crew and owners benefits in cost and efficiency, and enables a vessel's navigation to become truly self-sufficient. Additionally, automatic updates for new charts and corrections means that the latest chart version is always available.

"Simrad developed the world's first ECDIS prototype with the Norwegian Hydrographic Institute in 1985, and we have an excellent history in building feature rich chart systems for efficient and safe navigation," comment Tim Ryder, Senior Product Manager at Simrad. "We launched new chart systems, the CS Series, across the board last summer and the CS68 ECDIS is the culmination of our CS technology, providing fully approved ECDIS. PLECDIS describes the fact that with the CS68 ECDIS onboard it is possible to sail without any paper charts on board whatsoever."

Utilising Simrad software and hardware, the CS68 ECDIS has been developed in close co-operation with professional navigators. It provides fully compliant ECDIS functionality, a wealth of value added features and full redundancy.

Several unique features position the CS68 ECDIS as the most sophisticated system of its kind. Voice alarms give early warning of imminent navigation danger and due to their nature, are easily distinguished from the plethora of other alarms at a bridge. The system also utilises RAID for approved backup solutions and a 24 VDC power supply enables more cost effective installation combined with better reliability over other power systems.

Simrad is the only company making ECDIS using proprietary hardware. The MC50 and associated software provide a feature rich system that provides unmatched navigation capabilities including: Presentation of all other Navigational information: Automatic Updates: Dedicated Chart level presentation keys and Man Over Board key: Anti grounding with virtual radar and collision warning: Quick Route Navigation, True Route Navigation: Distribution of data throughout vessel.

Add the PLECDIS option to the impressive range of new and unique, and approval compliant features and the CS68 ECDIS becomes a vital tool for the modern operator who requires safety, stability and simplicity for efficient, SOLAS compliant navigation.