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Water ingress detection system

We are launching a sophisticated new Water Ingress Detection System. specifically for bulk carriers. The system utilises the new patent pending GL-10 water detection sensors, which have been designed to meet the carriage requirements under SOLAS Chapter XII Reg. 12 and will be type approved by all the major classification societies.

Main components The Water Ingress Detection System is a result of over thirty years experience of working with liquid level gauging. Three main components make up the system; the operator panel, GL-10 sensors and zener barriers. It can be installed either by us or the ship%u2019s crew for retrofit purposes. In order to further increase functionality, we have enabled integration with our own DataChief© C20 automation systems and other data presentation systems using serial interface RS232 or RS485.

Core functionality The core functionality of the system is to provide alarms when water ingress occurs. On detection of water levels in the cargo holds and other spaces forward of the collision bulkhead an audible and visual alarm is provided at the bridge. The system can discriminate between pre-alarm and alarm conditions and provides output for separate acoustic alarms. Each sensor location benefits from a separate alarm so that officers can determine exactly where the water ingress has occurred.

Self verify functionality The newly developed GL-10 liquid detection sensor is the key to the accuracy and reliability of this vital new system. It has been designed to operate without fault in the harsh conditions found in the cargo holds and other areas of a ship where water ingress may occur. It also facilitate a self verify functionality not offered by alternative suppliers.

Stand alone systems As a standalone system, display of alarm data is via our Midi Operator Station 33, which is based on a colour graphic LCD display and can be placed anywhere on a vessel due to its rugged construction. As an integrated system, alarm data is provided via the DataChief© C20 control panels and audio systems.

Download datasheet (pdf 252kb) To product information