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Revolutionary new Simrad SART gets type approval

The Simrad SA50 Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) has received Type Aproval from QinetiQ. After completing all the required tests a certificate of Type Approval was issued that states that the SA50 meets all IMO requirements and can now be 'Wheelmarked' to allow its use on board all vessels covered by SOLAS regulations.

The SA50 is unique due to its exceptionally small size. Through the use of sophisticated design and materials the SA50 is the smallest SART currently available. Its simple tubular shape and overall height of only 220mm, make the SA50 ideal for pre-packing in liferafts. Additionally, it is very simple to arrange for the SART to be automatically activated when the liferaft is deployed. The mandatory lanyard is neatly stowed in a spool on the base of the unit. A lightweight, telescopic mounting pole is available as an option.

All conventional SARTs use Lithium batteries, which are controlled by complex rules on transport by air, road or sea. By using innovative circuit design, the Simrad SA50 meets the operational requirements using a battery pack which is classified as non-hazardous. This means that the SART or replacement batteries can be shipped directly to the customer without any additional cost or paperwork, greatly reducing the cost of ownership.

Simrad is already an established name in the GMDSS safety market with its AXIS range of handheld VHF radios. Chosen by rescue institutions and armed forces throughout the world, the AXIS range not only fulfils SOLAS requirements but is also proven as one of the most reliable safety tools available to the mariner today. The SA50 is the perfect compliment to the AXIS range and highlights Simrad's position as a leading manufacturer of survival craft equipment to the marine industry.

Further information from: Petter E. Jørgensen Simrad AS Tel: 47 51 46 20 00 Fax: 47 51 46 20 01

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