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Head office Korea moves to Busan

December 17th, 2004, Kongsberg Maritime Korea is reaching an important milestone by completing the moving of its head office from Seoul to Busan. Twenty-five staffs in Administration, Finance, Sales and Project departments will be sharing offices with the previous Busan based Field Operation and Customer Support departments, and as such lay the foundation for an efficient and prospective organisation in Korea's centre of ship building and shipping industries.

In order to maintain relations to key institutions in Seoul, Kongsberg Maritime Korea opens a liaison office in Seoul downtown business area (across the City Hall) on December 20th, 2004.

The new Seoul office will have one permanent employe, Ms. S. J. Yoon, Kongsberg Maritime Korea's Seoul Office Representative. Entering into 2005 Kongsberg Maritime Korea employs a total of 79 staffs, of which 51 will have their daily work in Busan, 12 staffs in Ulsan, 13 in Geoje Island and 2 in Mokpo Field Offices and one in Seoul.

From January 1st, 2005, Kongsberg Maritime is officially taking over the responsibilities of Kongsberg Maritime LNG -IAS and DP/NAV activities. This move includes the employment of Mr. J. C. Hong as Director Sales - Integrated Systems, and the employment of LNG-IAS Gojedo Site Office Manager, Mr. Harald Alf Ekberg, and four new LNG-IAS field engineers.

During 2005/Q1 Kongsberg Maritime Korea will implement a change in its organisation reflecting that they will carry out assignments for Kongsberg Maritime's three main locations in Norway; Kongsberg, Horten and Trondheim. To facilitate improved networking and building of personal relationship Kongsberg Maritime Korea will organise itself with teams in Sales, Project, Field Operation and Customer Support departments corresponding to each business location in Norway.