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Bearing temperature monitoring for 2-stroke engines

We have released our new C20 BearingMaster, bearing temperature monitoring system for 2-stroke engines.

The C20 BearingMaster, is based on our DataChief and AutoChief C20 automation systems, and promises to be the most reliable bearing temperature monitoring system available and therefore the most protective against engine damage through overheating.

Technology In addition to running parallel with existing automation systems, C20 BearingMaster also makes use of other Kongsberg Maritime technology. The Midi Operator Station 33 (MOS 33) can be used for local display of temperatures and the GB-100 Sentry system is integrated to offer real-time monitoring of crosshead and crank pin bearing temperatures. Main bearing temperatures are measured by using our custom designed PT100 sensors as part of the core C20 BearingMaster system.

Application Designed for use on all types of Sulzer RTA/RTF engines or MAN B&W MC-C/ME-C engines, the system is as relevant to retrofit of existing engines as it is to newbuild vessels. In order to further facilitate ease of retrofitting, Kongsberg Maritime has formed a cooperative alliance with Goltens, who will assist in retrofit installations.