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New military AUV - The HUGIN 1000 system

Kongsberg Simrad has been assigned to produce and deliver a prototype of a military Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). The Royal Norwegian Navy will use the AUV for mine countermeasure.

The AUV system will be based on the technology and performances of the original HUGIN systems used for accurate and efficient seabed mapping. The new prototype, HUGIN 1000, will have an endurance of 20 hours and a depth rating down to 600 metres. It will also be equipped with a sensor capable of high-precision seabed route surveys, mine detection, and classification and localization of mines in front of the mine counter vessel. The vehicle will be used for mine countermeasure and rapid environmental assessment in national and international waters.

The delivery of this prototype is part of a long-term national plan to establish a capacity for mine countermeasure and rapid environmental assessment in the Norwegian Navy.

Kongsberg Simrad is developing the AUV system in cooperation with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.