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MNOK 700 contract with Hungary

Kongsberg Defence Communications (KDC) has signed a contract with the Hungarian Ministry of Defence comprising an army-wide radio system, the Multi Role Radio (MRR). Valued at approximately MNOK 700, the contract includes the vehicle-mounted, man-portable and hand-held versions of the MRR. The communications system has been developed for and is currently in series production for the Norwegian Armed Forces. In January, KDC signed a contract with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Defence that included the same type of equipment.

KDC was named winner of the competition in Hungary last April, but due to protests from the French and German competitors, the final signing of the contract has been delayed until now.

"This contract represents yet another international success for the system, owing both to the volume of equipment to be delivered and to the fact that the contract is with a member of NATO. Moreover, KDC won the contract in competition with the systems considered to be market leaders ", states Bjørn Wiggo Bjune, president of Kongsberg Defence Communications. "The long-term nature of the contract provides a good platform from which to approach other potential prospects. The support we received from the Norwegian authorities was of the utmost importance", adds Bjune.