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Bergesen OK's FleetMaster Electronic Logbook on Berge Clipper

Following extensive sea-trials onboard the "Berge Clipper", Norwegian owner/operator Bergesen has dropped its paper deck and engine logbooks in favour of Kongsberg Maritime's FleetMaster® Electronic Logbook. The Berge Clipper is the second vessel involved in sea trials to dispose of its paper logbooks, with Sartor Shipping's Ocean Sky already sailing solely with FleetMaster®.

The FleetMaster® Electronic Logbook is a result of Kongsberg Maritime's creation of a dedicated IT subsidiary, the Marine IT Company (MarITco). The product has been in development for over 18 months and six vessels have been involved in a long-running pilot scheme.

"We have been working very closely with MarITco in Horten since we started the trial in October last year," says Capt. Berentzen of the Berge Clipper. "After the successful trial we have decided to run only the digital versions of the deck and engine logbook and plan to do the same with the Oil Record Book Part 1 as soon as it is 100% acceptable. Our paper logbooks are history."

With several clear advantages over paper logbooks, the FleetMaster® system offers savings in time and money. Users are able to automate routine entries and utilise an easy to use interface that mirrors the layout of paper logbooks, giving masters and crew a degree of familiarity. Over 80 forms are available and customisable layout means that individual ships can tailor the system to suit their needs exactly.

The added ability to transmit log information over the internet is a huge leap in the handling of logbook information. This information can be delivered to shore offices at any time, giving rise to a streamlined flow of information, and inevitably, less paperwork. With this connectivity, it is also possible for log information to be sent direct to maritime authorities, negating the need for official boardings.

"Paper logbooks have been the traditional method of keeping log since the 1700's, but things move on," enthuses Bjarne Bjørkan, Product Group Manager at MarITco. "The FleetMaster® Electronic Logbook is the logical step in improving the practice of keeping log, and making use of log data to the advantage of safety and company reporting."

The Fleetmaster Electronic Logbook is currently approved by the following flag administrations; Norway (NOR/NIS), Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom and Bahamas. Further flag administration approvals are forthcoming.

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For additional information: Bjarne Bjørkan, Product Group Manager Telephone: ( 47) 3308 3560 or Bjørn Tore Frøhaug, Chairman Marine IT Company AS Telephone: ( 47) 9921 4431