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AutoChief® C20 receives design award

The AutoChief® C20 propulsion control system has received an award for design excellence by the Norwegian Design Council. The jury says:

"The AutoChief® C20 is a consistent and complete control panel for larger ships where the functionality is considerably simplified and improved. The pure visual design appear as intuitive, it has good tactility and feedback to the user. This is a professional and uncluttered product of high quality, with good aesthetics and high durability".

The project manager Espen Garder says that using a professional designer was not part of the initial project plan.

"However at one point we asked ourselves how we could give this product a selling profile, make people see it as not just another box. That's when we decided to use a professional designer. When we did, it created lots of enthusiasm and drive, not just within the project but throughout the whole division. Since we published the first photos of the plastic mock-up of the product, the press has shown us much interest. Our first sale to a 97 meter (323 feet) mega-yacht, were based on these pictures alone. This is a completely new market for us and this sale alone pays for much of the design cost. I would strongly recommend the use of a professional designer for any new product development. Let's make our customers proud to own KONGSBERG products!"

The new AutoChief® C20 is based on knowledge gained through more than 35 years of working with the main engine manufacturers. The technology used, builds on the highly successful DataChief® C20 machinery automation system. The system is designed for medium and low speed diesels with fixed or variable pitch propellers.