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Annual General Meeting

Torolf ReinToday Kongsberg Gruppen ASA held its ordinary Annual General Meeting in Kongsberg. The Board's annual report and annual accounts for year 2002 were unanimously approved. It was decided to pay a dividend of NOK 2,10 for year 2002.

The new Board is: Christian Brinch (re-elected), Torolf Rein (re-elected), Benedicte Berg Schilbred (re-elected), Siri Hatlen (new) and Niels Petter Wright (new). Employee-elected members of the board: Roar Marthiniussen (re-elected), Jan Erik Hagen (new) and Roy Hove (new).

The Board was given authority to buy own shares with a top limit of 5% of the company's share capital. The authorization is valid until the next ordinary Annual General Meeting.

The company's Articles of Association §3 and §6 were decided changed as proposed in the convening letter.

Signed protocol will be sent Oslo Stock Exchange by fax.