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New contract with Oman

Kongsberg Defence Communications AS (KDC) has been commissioned by the Oman Ministry of Defence to deliver tactical communications systems, in the form of complete mobile networks. The contract is valued at about MNOK 95 and will run for two years.

The contract fortifies the international position of Kongsberg's secure new "no tap" transmission equipment. The contract also includes the delivery of newly developed hub technology that makes it possible to offer military users Internet solutions, in addition to already established military communications solutions.

"This technology will be important for all military customers as people begin to recognise the necessity of adapting established solutions to the needs entailed by new military leadership concepts, such as network-based defence", remarks President Bjørn Wiggo Bjune of KDC.

Won against sharp competition from French, German and Italian suppliers, the contract fortifies KDC's position as a supplier of forward-thinking solutions for mobile communication.