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Kongsberg Simrad instrumentation system chosen for new Norwegian research vessel

Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk AS in Norway signed a contract with Kongsberg Simrad AS February 19, regarding the delivery of a ship instrumentation system for a new Norwegian research vessel. The contract value is close to 3 mill.Euro.

The ship will be named "G.O. Sars", and will be jointly owned and operated by the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen and the University of Bergen.

The two owners will use the ship for marine research tasks related to oceanography, fish stock assessment, environmental studies and marine geological studies.

Kongsberg Simrad is a leading manufacturer of multibeam echo sounder systems.

The equipment to be supplied by Kongsberg Simrad, comprises:

Several of the acoustic transducers will be mounted on drop-keels, in order to avoid air-bubbles in bad weather conditions.

This contract confirms and strengthens the role of Kongsberg Simrad as the leading producer of scientific instrumentation systems for research vessels on a world-wide scale.