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Simulator and training contract signed with Saab Training Systems

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (KDA) signed a contract today with Saab Training Systems (STS) of Sweden for the development and delivery of sub-systems for a complex tactical trainer that STS will be making for the Royal Norwegian Army. The contract is valued at MNOK 35.

KDA has built up considerable operational expertise and developed simulation products and training systems under the auspices of national and international programmes. One its main areas involves sub-systems and software designed to plan exercises, record all the activities that take place during a simulated exercise and then re-play what happened for educational purposes (Exercise Control).

KDA has been co-operating with STS in this the area since autumn 1999. The contract signed today covers the development and delivery of inputs for a tactical trainer STS will be making for the Norwegian Armed Forces training centre at Rena.

"The contract strengthens and perpetuates strategic co-operation between KDA and STS", states Vice President Tore Sannes of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. "KDA will also be supplying this type of sub-systems and services to STS for the export market in the years ahead."

The contract represents 20 man-years of labour, and is scheduled for completion in 43 months.

KDA previously signed a MNOK 16 contract with SAAB, meaning the total scope of the tactical trainer contracts is MNOK 51.