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PC based ship handling training system for the Canadian Navy

From the POLARIS/PANORAMA navigation simulation product line.
The Government of Canada has issued a contract valued at USD 1,75 million to Kongsberg Maritime Ship Systems Inc. for the delivery of PC based Ship Handling Training Systems. KMSS will be delivering 63 Navigational Part Task Trainers (NPTT) based on Commercial Off-The-Shelf simulation software from its POLARIS/PANORAMA navigation simulation product line.

Broad access to simulation training
The Canadian Navy has consistently taken the lead amongst NATO countries in implementing broad access to simulation training for both ab-initio and regenerative training for Navigation Officers. This most recent initiative will provide field deployable simulators to provide Ship Officers the ability to undertake self study in ship handling and navigation skills at each of the 24 Naval Reserve Division's across Canada, including installations at the Naval Officer Training Center, Canadian Forces Naval Operations School and Naval Reserve Headquarters.

The NPTT represents a significant endorsement of this new generation of simulation technology. To facilitate self-study and distance learning, the part task trainer will have a learning management system coupled with an electronic tutor. This combination will allow a student to log-on to the system and based on his level of training to select a suitable training exercise from the available library. The electronic tutor will then guide him through the exercise providing instructions and critiquing his reactions to the various situations that are encountered. At the conclusion of the exercise, the student is automatically evaluated and results stored in a database.

KMSS is a recognized leader in the development and installation of merchant marine and naval simulators to world markets.