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Important contract with Eurocopter

KDA and Eurocopter SAS of France have signed a Contract for the single source serial of Carbon Fibre Cockpit Floors for the NH90.

The contract, worth 68MNOK covers floors for the first batch of 243 helicopters ordered by the four partner nations; France, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands.

KDA have been involved and invested in the programme since 1994, through the design, development and prototypes manufacture of the floors. Norway has recently purchased NH90 helicopters.

Ragnvald Brattlid (l.) and Tove Bråthen Myrvold prepare to
laminate carbon fibre, the primary material used in the cockpit
floor for the NH90 helicopters. (Photo: Kongsberg Gruppen)

The assemblies will be made in the Composite facility in Kongsberg opened in April this year, and delivered to the helicopter assembly sites in France, Germany and Italy.

The Global market for the helicopter is currently estimated at more than 800 helicopters.