Multifunctional Scientific Research Vessel

Maximise performance for all Research Vessel operations

The UT 844WP are part of KONGSBERGs range of Scientific Research Vessel with capabilities to map the Seabed, undertake seismic survey of the bottom, map current, wind and the wildlife under the sea. The vessel is equipped with state of the art scientific research equipment from KONGSBERG.

Key figures

A compact and efficient Research Vessel with the most modern scientific equipment

Outfitted with a Hybrid Propulsion system this vessel optimises energy consumption. The vessel is a secure and comfortable working platform for crew and scientists. Equipped with state of the art scientific research systems, AUVs and ROVs  for detailed geographic and environmental mapping of the oceans, the vessel is capable of gathering all important data that is needed to decide location of new Offshore Wind Parks.

Modern Research vessel with AUV /ROV are increasingly complex, performing high complexity work under more demanding conditions. Their overall performance is therefore crucial for progress and sustainability. Kongsberg addresses these challenges through smarter future proof integration between all systems onboard, robust system design and efficiencies that both reduce cost and enhance performance.

KONGSBERG's solution for Research vessel with AUV /ROV operations is designed to improve its performance, increasing efficiency, lowering costs, improving safety and reducing the environmental footprint. Better integration of solutions can enable reduced time for installation, commissioning and testing.

Integration of our state of the art Propulsion units, Engines, Deck Machinery and Control and Safety Systems will reduce a number of cost elements for a diving support vessel.

  • Shipyard will save engineering hours, interface meetings, cabling and installation work, and over all reduce the risk in the project
  • Ship designers will be able to tailor their solutions for specific designs and customer requirements together with KONGSBERG. An integrated solution will free up space and reduce weight. This is valid for winches, LARS systems electrical systems and control systems at bridge
  • Owner and operators will reduce OPEX regards to efficient diving support operations. A proven life cycle management system for the delivered solution will in the long run save cost and increase visibility for the uptime of your asset.

The world´s most advanced technology systems are now available in the diving support industry.

Key Benefits:

  • Operability

    The Integrated solutions from KONGSBERG secures operational efficiency and durability in challenging working conditions

  • Performance

    Vessel performance systems with innovative and comprehensive solutions unlocking the full value of all available technical information addressing engine optimization, reduction of noise and vibrations.

  • Safety

    Safer operations - integrated and fault tolerant control platform and handling solution to reduce operational risk

  • Environment

    Reducing environmental impact, enhancing performance utilizing renewable energy directly from the wind farm.



By uniting operations, energy,  and handling solutions, KONGSBERG creates integrated vessel concepts that unlock powerful benefits.

The result is greater efficiency, reduced costs, intelligent asset management and a continual cycle of learning and improvement. Data is shared, understanding is enhanced and better realtime and long-term decisions are made possible, both at sea and on land.

 Marine operations is integrated, the future is KONGSBERG!

The world´s most advanced technology systems are now available in the diving support industry