Pre-survey and inspection

Our world-class hydroacoustic solutions provide the data that secure the foundations of a fixed-base wind farm.

50 years of experience in offshore development

Oceanographic research and offshore oil and gas surveys have relied on our subsea solutions for more than 50 years.

This experience is reflected in the leading technologies that KONGBSERG has integrated into its unmanned vehicles and USVs for pre-survey, inspection, and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

Research vessels with AUV/ROV

A rendering of a research vessel design by Kongsberg Maritime
Our range of research vessels can map the seabed, do seismic surveys of the sea floor, and map currents and wildlife underwater

We specialise in delivering large packages, products, or systems that help research and survey vessels operate more efficiently and effectively. We have designed a range of products and systems particularly suited for use with ROVs, AUVs and USVs.

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Studying the sounds of the sea

We have continued to strengthen our relationship with Norway’s Institute of Marine Research through our partnership with the CRIMAC centre, which finds ways to improve and automate the interpretation of data and images from modern broadband acoustics on research vessels and fishing boats by using cruises and experimental field research, artificial intelligence, drones and inspection technology.

Our contribution to CRIMAC is focused on wideband acoustics and sensors for catch monitoring, and how products in these areas can be improved through the introduction of new digital infrastructure for machine learning and seamless data flow.

This research helps us to improve the products needed by the offshore energy industry in the planning phases of a development. 

The world’s most advanced technology systems for the initial phase of wind farm development