Remote Support

Our global service network of support centres provides expert technical and operational support 24/7, with the goal to ensure maximum uptime for our customers’ installations. Our virtual collaboration services ensure that customers get the expertise they need, where and when it is needed. 

Please note that Remote capabilities depend on product and software versions. Contact KM to find out the possibilities for your systems.

  • Global network of certified Experts

    Global network of certified Experts

  • Cyber Security

    Cyber Security

  • Reduce operational cost

    Reduce operational cost

  • Remote Training

    Remote Training


Our highly skilled, certified engineers solve service assignments at minimum cost and time by using Remote Support tools. By combining services for logon on Control systems directly and utilising tools for guiding customer personnel in the field, KONGSBERG can provide FULL PICTURE support for our customers. KONGSBERG has the following services available:


  • Access to KONGSBERG’s global network of certified Experts in the Loop to empower personnel onboard installations in faultfinding or maintenance operations
  • Reduce operational cost and minimise the number of service trips
  • Solve problems effectively using remote services to reduce cost and downtime and provide improved quality and safety in faultfinding and maintenance operations
  • Reduce down time by using immediate Remote Support Diagnostics, Configuration and Virtual Expert services
  • Real time virtual, onboard support
  • Remote Assistance during critical and complex operations
  • Malware Protection, Cyber Security
  • Remote Training with installation-specific equipment
  • Periodic inspection for preventive maintenance
  • Improved preparation prior to service visits by REMOTE inspection and survey.


  • Always – 24/7: immediate worldwide technical and spares telephone support will be given for all products, through Kongsberg Maritime support centers.
  • Response time: we aim for eight-hour working day response times for emails addressed to Kongsberg Maritime support centers.
  • First time fix: we always endeavour to fix the problem first time, every time, to minimise costs.
  • No declined service requests: we aim to respond to and solve all your challenges.


Remote Services

Remote Services is a tool for KONGSBERG-certified engineers worldwide to connect to an installation upon customer request and provide remote support. 

The system is designed to address the challenges of establishing a secure and reliable remote session to the vessel’s control system via satellite communications.


  • Minimise the number of service trips, thus reducing the operational cost
  • Reduce the requirement for onboard KONGSBERG personnel by delivering specialist support remotely
  • Reduce downtime for remote locations where access for service engineers is difficult
  • Operational support and guidance
  • Periodic inspection for preventive maintenance
  • Protect the installation from malware, thus reducing downtime


  • Efficient data routing through KONGSBERG network nodes around the world
  • Diagnostic and configuration possibilities from Kongsberg offices within the KONGSBERG Global Secure Network, when remote accessing onboard control systems
  • All sessions must be initiated and confirmed by personnel on board. Only certified Kongsberg engineers can access remote operation rooms located on Kongsberg sites
  • 24/7 live monitoring of network link for remote connections, to ensure the link is working when service is needed
  • Remote support does not require public and/or static IP addresses
  • Uses existing internet connection on the vessel
  • Works on low bandwidth / high latency links
  • Easy-to-use services for technically skilled personnel, that do not require any additional training for the personnel onboard

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