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Specialised vessel ship designs

The NVC range also includes other specialised vessels like research, emergency response, rescue, Oceanographic research vessels, live fish carriers, seismic and emergency response. vessels comply with stringent environmental standards within specific application areas while providing optimum performance with regard to speed, fuel efficiency, comfort and ease of construction.



Protecting the coast, ships and crews

Celebrating more than 35 years of operation, two generations of our UT vessels are at the heart of the Les Abeilles fleet protecting the French coastline.


On average, 25 vessels in distress a year require assistance off the French coast, and it’s the Les Abeilles fleet that has been coming to their rescue since 1979. Providing pollution prevention, towage and salvage services, two vessels designed and equipped by us are at the heart of the fleet owned by the BOURBON company, and are on long-term charter to the French Navy.

Designed to the UT 515 design, the vessels took over from two previous UT vessels which achieved an excellent reputation and now operate elsewhere on the coast. Both new vessels are 80m long with bollard pulls of 209 tonnes and are capable of speeds of almost 20 knots, enabling them to reach casualties quickly. The requirements for the two new UT vessels were heavily influenced by Les Abeilles’ experience with its previous UT vessels, and the new additions are earning the same level of respect as their predecessors.

“Our coast protection vessels have assisted about 800 ships. In over 400 cases this involved saving vessels in distress that might have become serious casualties.”

Mr Christian Quillivic, managing director of Les Abeilles


The Amoco Cadiz tanker incident in 1978 left heavy oil pollution on beaches and was one of the factors that influenced the French authorities to set up a prevention, towage and salvage service, requiring vessels with a good bollard pull and a high speed to reach casualties quickly.


Since 1979 Les Abeilles has provided pollution prevention, towage and salvage services on the French coast. Two vessels designed and equipped by us are the fleet's flagships. Made to the UT 515 design and built at Norway's Myklebust shipyard, they are on long-term charter to the French Navy.