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LNG Aging

LNG Aging

LNG Aging is an application suite available on Kongsberg Maritime’s Information Management System (K-IMS) that enables users to calculate and analyze LNG (liquefied natural gas) composition.

With LNG Aging, operators and traders can swiftly analyze and calculate the implications and consequences of different options for LNG transport. For example reducing or increasing speed with respect to aging of LNG compositions and Boil-off Rate, or rerouting vessels to different terminals while ensuring that requirements are met with respect to LNG compositions.


  • Efficiency

    Save time when calculating changes to the destinations of your LNG Cargo

  • Comply with Terminal Requirements

    Predict the quality of your LNG Cargo to ensure requirements set by receiving terminals will be met

  • Vessel Performance

    Validate the aging of the LNG cargo against expected values for the vessel

The K-IMS LNG Aging application suite consists of an Online and Offline module. The Online module uses live data from the vessel and includes an LNG Aging Prediction application. The Offline module includes four applications that are based on user data input. The four applications are: LNG Aging Validator, LNG Mix, LNG Volume Correction, and LNG Aging Prediction.

The application follows ISO6976 for gross calorific value calculations and ISO6578 for density calculations.


The LNG Aging Prediction application uses a vessel’s live data to show current and predicted LNG compositions for selected dates. When changing the selected dates, the application will automatically recalculate the LNG aging and compositions. Users can both select a summary view of all tanks or an individual tank view.

Screenshot of LNG aging online prediction


The LNG Aging Validator application allows users to input loading and unloading LNG cargo data in order to validate and compare the N2- and CH4 time constants and Boil-Off Rate against expectations.

Screenshot of LNG Aging offline validator


The LNG Mix application allows operators to calculate the LNG composition after mixing two portions of LNG cargo for example the remaining LNG heel with a new loading of LNG at a terminal.

Screenshot of LNG Aging Offline Mix


The LNG Volume Correction application allows operators to calculate how the LNG cargo changes when the cargo temperature changes.

Screenshot from LNG Aging Offline Volume Correctionne Volume


The LNG Aging Prediction application allows operators to calculate how the LNG compositions age, ensuring you make data-driven decisions on reshuffling LNG cargo to other terminals while ensuring compliance with quality requirements, for example.

Screenshot of LNG Aging offline prediction

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