Escort winches - electrical (Tugs)

Excellent dynamic performance and response. The new range of electrical escort winches are benefitting from our permanent magnet technology providing you with an energy saving winch, with a smaller footprint and excellent performance.

Our new range of escort winches is benefiting from the introduction of our new permanent magnet (PM) motor technology. The PM motor gives a high torque at low speeds. This means that only a small reduction ratio is needed in the gearbox, leading to a low system inertia, which in turn provides excellent dynamic performance and response, important in escort and other types of tug work.

Using the TX140 PM motor means a smaller winch footprint and also simplifies the winch, eliminating several components that are subject to wear and need maintenance. The PM escort winch is rated at 100-150 tonnes, with great dynamic sensitivity and a line speed up to 180m/min. With energy saving very much in focus, the PM winch has the regenerative capacity to feed up to 1,100kW of rendering energy back into the tug’s network, if the vessel’s electrical system is designed to accept it. Integrated in the compact gear-case module at the opposite end to the motor is a friction clutch, which allows the operator to release the load in less than three seconds in an emergency.'

Key features

  • Excellent dynamic performance and response
  • Energy saving
  • Less maintenance

Towing winch systems for tugs

We have a portfolio of towing and escort winches developed specifically for tug operations.

The quality, robust construction and flexibility of these winches have made them firm favourites with major tug operators around the world. Furthermore, the equipment from our towing winch portfolio is well suitable for icebreakers operating in arctic conditions as well as to any vessel suitable for emergency towing operation, like coastal and multi-purpose vessels.

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