Subsea AUV Launch and Recovery System


The new Subsea AUV LARS is designed to increase the launch and recovery performance of the HUGIN and HUGIN Superior AUV Systems. It can be installed in a hangar or container and operated midships to release valuable space on the aft deck.

A webinar about the HUGIN LARS

The KONGSBERG LARS solution benefits from the uniquely integrated combination of advanced in-house technologies which the KONGSBERG group offers, reinforced with years of accumulated expertise. After evaluating techniques and procedures in depth, Kongsberg Maritime has arrived at an optimal solution, namely to have the new LARS operating from midships, with the release and capture of HUGIN marine robots occurring beneath the sea surface. 

For deployment and recovery, the LARS cradle is lowered into the water to a pre-determined depth. It is positioned safely below the splash zone and propeller wash, enhancing both the weather window and safety, and is heave-compensated to stabilise the effect of waves and ship movement. Once in the water, HUGIN is released to start its mission. During recovery the AUV finds its way home to the cradle using the onboard navigation system and a KONGSBERG MicroPAP located in the LARS. Once nearby, the HUGIN drives itself into the cradle and is locked in before it is lifted out of the water.


  • Increased weather window
    • Under water launch and recovery allows for operation in higher sea state
  • Operate from mid-ships
    • Free up valuable aft deck space
    • Work from a hangar or container
    • Manage multiple vehicles from a single LARS
  • Increased safety
    • Enhanced personnel safety 
    • No risk of running over the AUV by launch vessel
    • No weather damage to the AUV on the surface in high sea
      states/strong winds

The design allows AUVs to be deployed from a hangar or container, and multiple robots may be managed from a single LARS. It is flexible with regards to placement – although midships is optimal – and can be operated from anywhere on board, including the stern. It may also be installed higher than on the main deck, to accommodate the vessel layout.

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