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Synchro RTX control system (Fishing)

The Synchro RTX Autotrawl system provides dynamic control of single-rig and twin-rig demersal trawls, pelagic trawls and pair trawls. The trawl system is one of the most modern on the market, using integrated safety logic and a user-friendly interface. Essential control and monitoring functions are fully integrated. This system keeps the trawls fully open when changing course during trawling. The trawl is kept moving at constant speed, even under difficult conditions. If the trawl snags, the system pays out wire automatically to prevent damage.

The Synchro RTX Autotrawl is the optimum solution for maximising catching ability for single and double trawls. The system is based on the latest technology, providing excellent stability, simple operation and great flexibility.

Key features

  • Free choice of master winch
  • New fuel-saving EcoStep frequency-controlled towing pump for hydraulic drive
  • Synchronised or independent automatic operations of trawl winches
  • Alarm and monitoring control system
  • Ready for equipment health monitoring
  • Automatic communication with net sensors, echo sounders etc.
  • Graphical and dynamic presentation of the trawl gear (single, double)
  • Presentation of the trawl´s symmetry and geometry

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