Towing pins for anchor handling vessel

Focused on safety, our centering device assists in moving wires to within the range of the shark jaws, eliminating the need for personnel to enter exposed deck areas.

Safer deck operations

The towing pins are fitted with guide arms that can be individually controlled to help guide the chain into the shark jaw at the correct angle. Each guide arm can exert a downforce of up to 25 tonnes to keep lines in place. While the centering devices guide can be used to push it into the area of the shark jaw which acts as a chain or wire stopper. A range of jaw inserts covers chain and wire of different dimensions. The towing pins are mounted aft of the shark jaw and equipped with locking arms for securing the chain or wire while in the shark jaw. Operation of towing pins, centering device and shark jaw is remote controlled from the bridge reducing risk to deck crew by avoiding work on unsecured heavily loaded chains or wires. A portable remote control is available for use during service and maintenance work.

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