Anchor launch and recovery system for anchor handling vessel

Compact design for easy installation and low cost with low impact on the hull structure. Offers weight saving compared to other systems. System sits flush with deck when not in use and can be interfaced to our TowCon control system.

Reduces forces during anchor recovery and launching of torpedo anchors

ARF 126 is installed on the deck of an AHTS just forward of the stern roller. Its function is to reduce the forces and to increase control when launching and recovering heavy anchors. The anchor recovery frame comprises a frame with a freely rotating roller on top. It stows flush with the deck with a mechanically operated hatch covering the recess for the roller. In use is raised hydraulically through 126 degrees in approximately 2 minutes so that the roller is above the stern roller, giving a good lead for bringing the anchor on board.

It is designed to handle a nominal towline tension of 200 tonnes and a nominal transverse force of 50 tonnes. It can be supplied with its own hydraulic power pack or use power from other hydraulic power sources on the vessel.

ARF126 can be operated either from a stand-alone control panel on the bridge, or it can be integrated in the Towcon RT winch control system to allow the operator to control both the anchor recovery frame and the winch from the same workstation.

A related product is the A-LARS (Anchor Launch And Recovery Frame), a hydraulically raised arm for simplified the launching of specialised torpedo anchors.


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