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ARPA radar, K-Bridge Radar

K-Bridge Radar provides the operator with radar video and tracking on a state-of-the-art radar display and control unit. The system is easy to use, and all the most frequently used controls are directly available from the operator panel.

Fully integrated ARPA radar

K-Bridge ARPA radar is our latest series of type approved ARPA radars. It is provided as a stand alone ARPA radar or as a fully integrated part of the K-Bridge integrated navigation system. It provides superior target tracking and has advanced navigation integration with multi-sensor input. K-Bridge can include electronic chart functions and automatic navigation and track steering when part of a K-Bridge integrated bridge system. The colour display presents a square radar picture, which gives an increased active radar display area for better traffic surveillance. A dedicated operator panel gives ease of operation

This video illustrates our composite radar picture, that combines radar images from multiple radar transceivers into one picture.


  • Radar display can be either a dedicated radar console or multi-functional display unit, switchable between Radar, ECDIS and Conning
  • Square radar picture which means a 27% larger radar coverage on the screen
  • 26” flat panel colour display (TFT)
  • Dedicated operator panel for ease of operation
  • Digital transmission of radar signals (GigE) for minimum signal loss Manual and automatic radar target acquisition and tracking
  • Charts displayed as underlay to the radar video
  • Instant update of trails (afterglow) when adjusting clutter settings
  • Trails maintained after a reset of the screen centre and after changes of range scale
  • Gyro-stabilized head-up presentation mode making True trails available on a head-up display
  • Manual and automatic clutter reduction with instant response in the radar picture
  • Relief background for improved detection of moving or weak targets
  • Echo stretch
  • Integrated handling of the navigation sensors, providing the best set of own-ship data (position, course and speed)
  • Presentation of targets from AIS
  • Target speed up to 100 knots relative
  • Eleven range scales (0.125-96 nm) Bearing scale that always gives the correct bearing from own ship
  • Three colour palettes give easy adjustment of the radar picture for the current light conditions
  • Two Electronic Bearing Lines/Variable Range Markers (EBL/VRM)
  • Remote control of K-Bridge Autopilot in Heading, Course, Waypoint and Track control mode
  • Monitoring of sailing routes


  • 26" TFT display: 1920 x 1200 pixels


The following charts are supported:
• ENC: S-63 and S-57 Edition 3 (official charts)
• Vector charts: AVCS (UKHO), Navtor, Primar, Jeppesen/CMap


K-Bridge Radar can be configured to communicate with:
• K-Bridge ECDIS
• K-Bridge Multi Functional Display
• K-Bridge Conning
• K-Bridge Autopilot
• K-Bridge Sensor Integrator
• K-Chief Vessel automation system
• K-Pos Dynamic positioning system
• VDR - Voyage Data Recorder


The K-Bridge Radar is approved in accordance with EU MED
96/98/EC annex A.1/4.38 (as Radar equipment CAT 1 with
Chart option) and annex A.1/4.34 (as Radar equipment CAT 1)


ARPA radar console
















Radar to LAN interface










  • Input voltage: 115/230 VAC +/- 10%
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz +/- 5%
  • Power consumption: 340 W

Environmental specifications

The K-Bridge ARPA radar is in compliance with IEC 60945.

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