Offshore Wind "Kongsberg Maritime"

Offshore Wind

Offshore wind farms are set to boom over the next few years, becoming an ever more important way of meeting the world’s sustainable energy needs. KONGSBERG is providing the state-of-the-art technology solutions needed for this green power revolution.


KONGSBERG has played an important role in development of some of the most important enabling technologies for both offshore wind turbines and the vessels that make them possible.

KONGSBERG’s technologies for wind turbine installation and operation are well established, backed by 50 years’ experience in enabling safe and efficient offshore energy operations.  Our diverse digital solutions, operational technology and engineering expertise are at the forefront of the modern age of maritime wind power, visible at every phase of an offshore wind farm’s entire lifecycle.

Offshore wind power is rapidly becoming a more affordable than fossil fuels, thanks to innovation in the design of wind turbines and their infrastructure, installation and maintenance. Several countries can already meet much of their national demand for energy using only wind power: building on this and helping the world to achieve 100% clean and sustainable energy production is at the heart of KONGSBERG’s mission.


Offshore wind farms are set to play a major part in meeting the world's sustainable energy needs. Their location out at sea means they can be larger and taller than their onshore counterparts, making generation more efficient.

They are more environmentally friendly, less visually intrusive and are not hampered by physical intrusions that could adversely affect wind flow. By facilitating mass production of low or zero carbon energy, they make a major contribution to UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).