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19 May 20 17:00 – 19 May 20 17:30

Maritime Broadband Radio – Expanding Operations in remote areas

(CEST) 30 min - Webinar
The development of autonomous vessels and vehicles expands rapidly for a wide array of survey applications in the maritime domain. Main intention for these initiatives is to gather and distribute information from multiple sensors either in real-time or as input for post-processing tasks.

In the development of multiple platform operations, a vital aspect is the communication solution, where several solutions are limited by range, bandwidth, and cost. In this webinar, examples illustrating the potential of phased array smart antenna technology to maximize coordination amongst manned, semi-autonomous, and fully autonomous platforms are presented. Utilizing a flexible, long-range, high bandwidth solution empowers integrators and end-users to expand the capabilities of their platforms in single or multiple operational modes.

By focusing on the capabilities within the overarching task, the platform manufacturers can be sure the sensor payloads will adequately meet the needs of the end-user. On the other hand, questions of scale can’t simply be answered with more platforms. The simplicity of network interfacing across multiple platforms, already in wide use among sensor manufacturers on a single platform, allows for the shared use of real-time data to expand operations.

Lt CDR Vegard Haugen RNoN (rtd), Area Sales Manager@Kongsberg Maritime

Time:         May 19, 2020 17:00 (CEST) in Oslo
Venue:       Webinar

Vegard Haugen has 15 years of experience from the Norwegian Coast Guard, where he worked his way up to Commander. His experience in leading large operations where comprehensive communication systems were lacking convinced him of the great potential that lay in optimising operations through better communication.